Thursday, September 6, 2012

Motivation and favorites!


Fact: Black rice is better than brown rice. I am in love with the taste as well!
Egg yolks can have a LOT of cholesterol in them not to mention I hate the taste. Some mornings I will just eat the egg whites by themselves but this way it's kind
of like having deviled eggs without the bad stuff! It's good to have a variety so
you don't get bored.

An ideal breakfast for me.
Protein= 2 egg whites with greek yogurt dip
Whole grains= 1 slice World Market "fitness bread"
Complex Carb= 1 mandarin orange

(other mornings I'll have steel cut oats with berries of some sort
and 1 egg white)

An ideal lunch.
Lean protein= Salsa Chicken (portion no bigger than palm of hand)
Complex carbs= Salad (two cupped handfuls worth) with a little bit of feta sprinkled on
Whole grain/also a complex carb= 1 cupped handful cooked black rice
I usually get my whole grains over with in the earlier parts of the
day (breakfast/lunch) so that my body isn't trying to digest them late at night or when
I'm sleeping. 

So many people out there want to lose weight and not have to
put in the work. Well guess what? THAT'S THE ONLY WAY IT'S GOING TO
COME OFF AND STAY OFF! Getting in shape/ getting healthy is a job and it sucks but the benefits of it
are what's keep you going. You may not be able to run 3 miles at one time let alone one but you still need to try and reach for SOMETHING. There are other
forms of cardio so you have no excuse. Weight resistance and cardio go hand in hand
for fat loss. You may not be able to lift 20 lbs but 5lb dumb bells are still better than
absolutely nothing. Get on Pinterest or Google and search the crap out of free/available workouts
because there are tons out there. You have to want the lifestyle
bad enough to push your self to your one can get you there but you. Support groups are great
but you aren't going to succeed just because you are a part of one. Get in the
mindset and challenge yourself daily! Keep life fun!