Thursday, June 21, 2012

training and learning.

Malachi Tie-Dyeing
and making a clay car
{Portland Children's Museum}

      An awesome alphabet book we found at Costco

I am really bad about posting frequently now days! I figured it was finally time to give an update on our life. For Malachi's last Birthday my family pooled their cash together to give him enough to buy a membership at OMSI, the Zoo, or the Portland Children's Museum. Stephen and I have only had a second car for about 6 months now and I finally got off my butt and made the trip up there to purchase our membership. I'm glad I decided on the Children's museum because it's much more age appropriate for Mal right now and has SO many activities! He had a blast and missed nap time so getting him to leave was hell. I'm really excited to get his clay hand print back so he can paint it then hang it on our wall somewhere!

I'm still trying to keep him busy with activities at home so when I found the above alphabet book at Costco the other day I was over joyed! All of the pages are laminated so you can just wipe it right off and keep using the book. I know it's a little ahead of his time but he kept wanting to "do it" so I broke down and got the dry-erase markers out. I've made a decision that if he doesn't want to do a learning activity, I will not force him to do it. I was blown away/so happy with how well he did drawing the letters! he really enjoyed himself and receiving the praise that Stephen and I would give him. If you think this is something your kid(s) might like it was only $7.

Stephen has been pretty busy with work lately. Summer is usually their slow time but things have picked up A LOT since they started the furniture line. Some of you have an idea of what he does but have never seen pictures so here is the website for the company. Stephen also tweaked his knee at his last soccer game which sucks because he'll probably have to sit the last two games out. Taking time off of work hasn't been an option so he's still had to function with a hurt knee at work. I feel helpless when there's nothing I can do but he's a trooper and will be back at it soon enough!

As for me there's not much new! I started a new devotional that I'm excited about ( getting to know who Jesus is/was.) I'm always wanting to know God's word better and understand it, so I'm finally diving in. thankfully I have a VERY smart husband who went to private school and can help me understand a lot of what I'm studying.Photography has been really slow and I've had to dig more into the part of it I HATE (marketing.) Working for yourself has it's ups and downs but right now it sucks lol. I've decided to start a 20 day challenge for myself since I have been eating so poorly! For some reason when I commit to something that's going to take a lot of time I give up easier because I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. The good news is I have been maintaining my weight rather than gaining it back so it hasn't been ALL bad. In case you are wondering my 20-day-challenge consists of NO sugar, NO processed carbs, and getting more ACTIVE. I'm hoping to get my motivation back through this and find fun ways to lose my last 40 lbs. After my 20 days I might start water aerobics back up so I can keep as much pressure off of my hurt foot as possible while still getting a good workout.

I'm excited for:

Mine and Stephen's upcoming Birthday's (Jul. 19 & Aug. 2)
July 4th
doing a little vacationing this summer as a family!
the day God decides to bless us with our second child
only having one last piece of debt to pay off! 


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