Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Wax Tarts

So I've been obsessed with Scentsy and recently my oil burner. I decided to start putting my Scentsy bars in my oil burner and it works SO well. I love how quickly it scents up my entire apartment and I don't have to worry about the wax evaporating! Since I've been on this kick I've been on the hunt to not only find new scents that I love but are also inexpensive. After getting super frustrated I just decided to make my own with candles I have laying around. Most of you are probably thinking why doesn't she just burn a stinking candle?! Well for one candles take longer to scent up the entire apartment and two when the wick is in the wax it just doesn't smell as good to me. Call me crazy but that's my personal opinion. The Mango candle I used was brand new so pouring it was MESSY I suggest using a spoon of some sort to transfer the hot wax. The green candle I used was a votive so I had to melt it in a can. Enjoy!

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