Friday, February 17, 2012

Work hard. Be Patient.

(SW: 209 lbs)

(CW: 172 lbs)

SO I figured it was time to do another update for you guys. The last picture post I did made it seem
like I was smaller than I was because I was wearing jeans that conveniently hid my
imperfections. This post is more accurate as far as what I look like goes. I have lost a total of
37 lbs since the VERY beginning, and 28 of that is from my latest adventures.
I measured myself when I first started and since then I've lost 19 inches TOTAL.

I've still got 42 lbs to go which I hope to be done with by June/July. As many
of you know I was doing one of the HCG diets for a while but I
decided to step away from that since I wanted to exercise. I'm already at my
pre-pregnancy weight but due to having a stomach is still REALLY
stretched out. I don't know when Stephen and I will have another kid,
but when we do, I don't want to lose all of my progress. This was the biggest
reason I decided to get into an exercise routine so that I was getting my muscle mass
back and TONING my body so that my progress would be harder for the next
kid to destroy.

I may have only lost a few lbs in the past two weeks that I've been exercising,
but I know I've been shredding inches because I have jeans and sweatshirts
that were TIGHT on me and are now fitting me comfortably. Either way
I'm still feeling great!

What is CURRENTLY different about my attempts:
I exercise 5 days a week with BodyRockTV.

I play soccer one night a week which is a GREAT workout!

I don't eat ANY processed foods, not even processed carbs (pasta/breads/cereals)

Still eating every 2-3 hours

Still not eating any sugar other than what's already naturally in food

I basically just eat CLEAN (vegetables, fruit, meat, legumes, eggs, and grains)
and REALLY watch my portion sizes.

If you are unclear what your portions should look like, here is something that helped me
and is aiding in my weight loss. (for the record...your fingers are not part of your palms!!)

Even though I am far from my goal, I feel like a new person.
I am not only physically stronger, but mentally stronger. It's amazing how much my attitude
has changed through all of this. I'm finally getting passionate about life again and it's great.
My husband and my son BOTH deserve my best. For them I would do anything.

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  1. Way to go Danelle! I haven't been following your weight-loss journey, but just jumped in to read this now -- keep it up girl! Self-control in ANY area, (and food/exercise can be a doozy!) is a nasty one to stare down with the intent to embrace and conquer. I'm glad you are feeling better and winning what you've set out to win! It is encouraging to me! :)