Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Educated.

You are probably thinking that I'm so vain for posting a picture of my sexy shoes and ankles right bout now...okay kidding. But I have wanted a pair of these shoes FOREVER (Nike free 3.0). I finally got a pair and I can stand here and tell you they are the most COMFORTABLE walking/running shoe ever invented. They make me feel like I'm walking on clouds..even my slippers weigh more than these things. If you need a new pair of tennies, this is a good route to go! onto business!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've had something to say about my weight loss journey! As many of you know, my success thus far has come from not eating refined sugar or starches. I eat smallish portions every 2-3 hours, don't eat past 7:30 pm, and try to balance out my daily intake of protein/carbs/fiber. So just to update you all, I joined an indoor soccer team a few weeks ago and we had our first game last week. Tonight is our second game and I'm feeling nervous yet giddy all over again. I can't even begin to explain the thrill that rushed through me during last weeks game...I forgot how great it felt to play sports! Which is why I decided to start exercising again regularly.

So because I've decided to start working out again, I need to really make sure my body is getting enough calories and nutrients so that I'm still losing weight in a healthy manor. I've started researching certain foods  and finding out why they are/aren't good for you. Two things in particular that I have not been eating are bread and pasta. I know that people say to eat whole wheat if you are going to eat it at all...but WHY? Having the very curious mind that I do, I decided to research it and see what I found. Of course I was in WAY over my head and didn't understand half of the lingo these doctors and dietitians were throwing out there but thankfully came across this site that broke it down PERFECTLY!  Whole Grain Scam not only explained things to me thoroughly, but gave me the knowledge of what to be looking for! I've never been crazy about bread and pasta, but for those of you who are I needed to share this to show you a healthier option if it's something you refuse to cut from your diet.

Thirdly it is SO important for you to be getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. It doesn't have to be going to the gym and sticking out some ridiculous routine..just go for an upbeat walk! Even before I decided to get into my whole exercise routine again, I still tried to go on walks or do anything to help burn calories and get active. The other day I was browsing Netflix and was stoked to see they added a "sports and fitness" section! One reason I stopped doing P90X was because we have people living below us and I was constantly jumping or kicking BUT with the Pilates sessions on Netflix I have not had to jump once! Finally something that doesn't make it sound like I should be shouting "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!"

Anyway, I hope all of YOU are doing well and staying strong! It really helps to get educated about what you are putting into your body as 80% of your health is what you EAT! If you are not ready to get active just yet that is fine..keep taking things one step at a time. I will however leave you with a challenge this week...try drinking ONLY water for the next week and no added/refined sugars. Yes, this means no soda, no candy, no sugary cereal...the only sugar you should be getting is from your fruits and veggies! Let me know how you do =]

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  1. You are very inspiring, Danelle! I took a class on Nutrition last summer and found it to be really interesting- educating yourself on this type of thing is fun! I'm also trying to lose weight right now, the 35 lbs I put on in college. I started last week, but I'm down 5 lbs and it feels great! Thanks for sharing all of this, I really enjoy reading!