Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stay at home mom

So I decided to dedicate this post to being a stay at home mom. Many of you have asked me
if I'm going to go back to beauty school or if photography is going to be my career.
Well to answer previous and all future questions, being a stay at home mom is going to be
what I pour my heart into until decided otherwise.

Sometimes people give me crazy looks like "why would you waste yourself like that?!"
Then there's people who think stay at home moms are just taking the easy
way out and like to spend Hubby's money.
And lastly, there are the people who understand.

It wasn't like I grew up as a child wanting to become a Susie-homemaker

Actually I grew up VERY determined to be successful so that I could help whoever I married
provide a comfortable lifestyle. I never wanted to have to worry about bills
or how we were going to get by ...that was exactly it...I didn't want to JUST "get by"

It wasn't until well after I had Malachi that I started to assess the desires of my heart.
What I wanted was to be comfortable, to support the high fashioned style I was into,
to drive a nice car that people wouldn't judge me in but rather
applaud, every motive behind becoming successful in life revolved around materialism.

This is when Via our small group I started learning the desires of
God's heart for me as a wife and a mom were FAR more
rewarding than achieving the desires of my own would EVER be.
It says in scripture that we are not to conform to the ways of this world
AND not to store up treasures here on Earth.

So NO I'm not going back to school, I'm not trying to be the best photographer in Oregon,
my husband and I both drive older cars that weren't our first choice
(don't get me wrong I love my Volvo), we don't have a super fancy place to live,
and we can't afford to go on vacations every summer. Funny thing is.......

For us, God is more than enough and even in our dinky little apartment
we understand we are still wealthy. There are thousands of people dying of sickness and hunger
and do not have roof's over their heads or much clothing on their backs. The least
of my worries is what I'm going to do to look cool.

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