Friday, December 2, 2011

Scales and Measuring tapes!

Unfortunately this is SO true! My mom had a magnet on the refrigerator that read this
and when I was little I thought it was hilarious because I took it so literal. Now that I'm
older and well beyond the max weight I ever thought I'd let myself get, I wish I would have
accepted such wise advice!

So here's where my story starts. Two years ago I had a little boy in which I gained 40ish
pounds with. I lost about 20 of those lbs just from giving birth and nursing.
Stephen was still in Iraq and I had this crazy idea that some where in the duration of his tour
I'd get my butt back into shape and then some. It wasn't that 7.5 months wasn't
long enough, it was that I had a cesarean with Malachi and a few of those months were needed
just to heal. So Malachi was about 3.5 months when I got a gym membership and
started eating ridiculously healthy. I did so well and got myself within 10-15 lbs of my pre-preggo
weight (which was 170 size 12 jeans) BUT out of no where one day I noticed my incision
had started throbbing. I decided to start taking it easier at the gym for a while and I did but pretty
sure I still further injured myself. I had torn muscles around my incision all over again
and if you've ever had a c-section you KNOW that excruciating pain that I'm referring to!
This was the end of my gym membership and beginning of my Medifast journey.

I decided to buy medifast and see if I could lose a ton of weight on it but fake food all day
minus the one real meal was NOT enough for me. I was still waking up in the middle
of the night to feed malachi and living on little energy as it was. Getting hardly any food wasn't helping.
So basically I gave up and just started eating whatever and however I wanted. This is the course
I stayed until last March I started doing P90X. I never measured myself so I'm not sure if I lost any inches
while doing this workout but I didn't lose any lbs. I stuck to this routine for a month
and gave up because I wasn't seeing results on the scale. ( I know I'm a quitter!)
So over the summer I started doing water aerobics at the aquatic center with my grandma. After about
a month I started running again using the C25k app on my phone.
I got up to running 4 miles straight thanks to that app!
I had gotten myself up to 209 lbs from eating whatever and not caring and lost 9 lbs
from water aerobics 3 days a week and running 3-4 days a week. The ONLY reason
I stopped doing water aerobics was because the pool smelled like halitosis breath and I had to take
3 showers once just so my skin wouldn't reek anymore!

I managed to somehow maintain my weight of 200.8 for the next few months until the end of October
when I started one of the HCG diets. From November 1st to now I've lost 13.8 lbs( could
have been quite a few more if I didn't cheat so much in the beginning and take
the whole week of thanksgiving off!) The diet basically consists of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit!
I don't get to eat any sugar or starches. I know some of you are thinking this is impossible and so many
levels of crazy but it's not bad once you've been doing it for a few weeks. I've been doing my
own thing lately ( eating some things off protocol such as Avocado, greens, raw almonds,
green peppers, and I had a glass of milk the other day.) You are not supposed to go
off protocol because  it COULD cause you to gain or stall but so far I'm still losing.
This diet isn't for everybody BUT I read a blog recently where another mom lost 50 lbs just from
ONLY eating the things your body was designed to eat and making literally all of her meals!
She didn't count her calories, gave herself unlimited fruits and veggies all day long( be careful
on fruit because sugar turns into carbs), only drank water and LOTS of it, and didn't eat
sugar and stayed away from unnecessary carbs. Your diet is 80% of your battle so if you can
manage to eat clean you will lose inches AND lbs (remember to weigh AND measure yourself.)

When you make this dramatic of a lifestyle change, it's going to be hard and it takes time for
the hunger pangs to go away. I'd rather be working out and and eating more
things that I want to lose the weight than doing this because it takes less mental strength in my opinion!
I'm here to help ANY of you that are interested in more specific details about what I'm doing .
When I was younger I told myself I'd never let myself go past a size 10! The smallest
I've been is a size 6 and my goal is a size 4. Don't let ANYONE tell you
that you won't ever be as small as you were before because that is the biggest lie out there.
I have seen far too many people prove this statement wrong so stay encouraged and
get healthy! Don't feel bad if this strict of an eating plan isn't for you because it's not for everyone.
It's definitely not the only way to lose weight so don't think it's your only hope. I can't wait to
have before and after pictures to show you guys and I will post recipes here and there for you
all to enjoy! So have a good day and if you're interested ask away! 

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