Friday, December 23, 2011

Girl Tip #515

If dressing cute means looking provocative, you are following the wrong fashion guide. 

I had the pleasure of drinking tea this morning with someone at Starbucks.
The entire time we were there I couldn't help but stare at this man sitting at one of our neighboring
tables. He had his laptop out and was typing something up. On the back of this man's laptop were
promiscuous decals/stickers of 3 strippers or porn stars (whichever.)  I of course was still engaged in
the conversation I was a part of, but couldn't help to think to myself how sad it was that this man was
completely and utterly okay with his addiction SO much that he shared it openly in public.

One thing I have always hated is seeing women dress "sexy" (also known as straight up slutty) to get a guy
to notice them. Seeing that I'm married, my husband has been able to explain to me the thoughts of a man.

You see some women truly don't understand that even if you are dressing to impress just ONE guy,
you are still going to draw that attention of every man that sees you in such an outfit. Just because 
a man is married, does not mean his eyes won't  go there. And if his eyes go there it doesn't make him
an unfaithful sleazy husband.  It astounds me how many women don't realize the damage they could be doing.

I have heard of so many men(even married men) speak of their addictions to porn and no wonder it is SO
hard from them to stay away from it! Just by wearing something promiscuous to impress your boyfriend
you could be causing another man to stumble back into an addiction and I know how far fetched
this sounds to some people but it is the TRUTH.

I'm sick of girls/women thinking if  they dress "hot" and sleep with a man that they will satisfy him
and eventually fall in love if they keep giving him what he wants. You know what is REALLY attractive
to men? A girl who can win them over without their looks or body being involved. I'm not saying you
won't get a response out of men by looking sexy but you won't be receiving what you're hoping for.

Men should not be able to figure out what you look like naked by flipping through your entire
facebook profile picture collection. I am furious about the sexual pull that is on this world
and that it sucks more and more people in everyday.

There are too many movies now days with people casually dating and sexing it up, too many
women getting knocked up before marriage, too many women like Kourtney Kardashian who
think there's nothing wrong with continuing to build a family with your boyfriend even though there's
no marriage in sight.

It breaks my heart to see so many people seeking after lust and sex especially when  it's not worth it
and you end up hurting. God definitely confirmed something this morning about my passion for
these next generations in the making. So if you are one of these women who dress inappropriate even
slightly...start taking it to heart and know that when someone asks you to cover certain areas up,
they are not secretly jealous of your body!

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  1. I absolutely, positively could not agree with you more. =) Thanks for nailing that on the head!