Friday, December 30, 2011

60 going on 22

SO it's been a are all of you?

I'm great now that the holidays are over! I've been stalled at the same
weight for the past two weeks because of all the bad food laying around and my
lack of dedication! I just wanted you all to know I'm not perfect haha. If
you hopped off the healthy train as well it's time to get back on and we'll do it together!
It's the end of an old year and the beginning of yet another...change is in store!

I read a blog entry the other day from another mother who admitted
that after having a kid she too went overboard with cutting things out of her life
and changing her appearance to suit her motherhood better.
Don't get me's time to grow up and be responsible...yes
but it doesn't mean you can't still have fun in innocent ways.

Stephen will tell anyone who asks that he fell in love with me for many reasons,
but the biggest one is how goofy/always full of life I was. Somewhere
between when we met and now, I've lost that energy. Going through a year long
deployment and having a kid all in our first year of marriage
probably had something to do with it..ya think?!

It wasn't until I started losing a significant amount of weight that
I started feeling like myself again. I think Stephen was caught off gaurd when
I started acting fun and playful at random like the old days. (We wrestled
for an hour at like one in the morning last night for dirt's sake!
And yes, of course I won!)

  A couple of weeks ago I dug through old clothes
I chose to hold onto and came across Volcom shirts
that I was crazy about. I stare at my gauges all of the time wondering if
I should put them back in because I miss them so. I've been listening
to bands I haven't in years and wanting to dance around the apartment
with my son. I used to listen to music for hours and there
was ALWAYS a song I could connect with because it expressed
every thought and emotion in my body at the time.

Maybe I'm hitting a mid life crisis early Idk but I like it. It's
funny how certain things like gaining weight and becoming a mom start
to take over your identity so quickly. I gave up trying to look
cute for my husband even though I know he loves me regardless.

So this is me putting my foot down. No more holiday food/candy I WILL
reach my goal by mine and my husband's anniversary! I am going
to continue to take time to smile, rock out to music, paint my nails
sparkly animal print themes, wear my favorite
clothes that may or may not make me look like I'm 16 rather than 22,
 and just be myself regardless of what other people think.


Leopard print is my drop dead addiction (hence my left bicep)  Don't mind my cuticles and dry skin.

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