Friday, December 30, 2011

60 going on 22

SO it's been a are all of you?

I'm great now that the holidays are over! I've been stalled at the same
weight for the past two weeks because of all the bad food laying around and my
lack of dedication! I just wanted you all to know I'm not perfect haha. If
you hopped off the healthy train as well it's time to get back on and we'll do it together!
It's the end of an old year and the beginning of yet another...change is in store!

I read a blog entry the other day from another mother who admitted
that after having a kid she too went overboard with cutting things out of her life
and changing her appearance to suit her motherhood better.
Don't get me's time to grow up and be responsible...yes
but it doesn't mean you can't still have fun in innocent ways.

Stephen will tell anyone who asks that he fell in love with me for many reasons,
but the biggest one is how goofy/always full of life I was. Somewhere
between when we met and now, I've lost that energy. Going through a year long
deployment and having a kid all in our first year of marriage
probably had something to do with it..ya think?!

It wasn't until I started losing a significant amount of weight that
I started feeling like myself again. I think Stephen was caught off gaurd when
I started acting fun and playful at random like the old days. (We wrestled
for an hour at like one in the morning last night for dirt's sake!
And yes, of course I won!)

  A couple of weeks ago I dug through old clothes
I chose to hold onto and came across Volcom shirts
that I was crazy about. I stare at my gauges all of the time wondering if
I should put them back in because I miss them so. I've been listening
to bands I haven't in years and wanting to dance around the apartment
with my son. I used to listen to music for hours and there
was ALWAYS a song I could connect with because it expressed
every thought and emotion in my body at the time.

Maybe I'm hitting a mid life crisis early Idk but I like it. It's
funny how certain things like gaining weight and becoming a mom start
to take over your identity so quickly. I gave up trying to look
cute for my husband even though I know he loves me regardless.

So this is me putting my foot down. No more holiday food/candy I WILL
reach my goal by mine and my husband's anniversary! I am going
to continue to take time to smile, rock out to music, paint my nails
sparkly animal print themes, wear my favorite
clothes that may or may not make me look like I'm 16 rather than 22,
 and just be myself regardless of what other people think.


Leopard print is my drop dead addiction (hence my left bicep)  Don't mind my cuticles and dry skin.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Girl Tip #515

If dressing cute means looking provocative, you are following the wrong fashion guide. 

I had the pleasure of drinking tea this morning with someone at Starbucks.
The entire time we were there I couldn't help but stare at this man sitting at one of our neighboring
tables. He had his laptop out and was typing something up. On the back of this man's laptop were
promiscuous decals/stickers of 3 strippers or porn stars (whichever.)  I of course was still engaged in
the conversation I was a part of, but couldn't help to think to myself how sad it was that this man was
completely and utterly okay with his addiction SO much that he shared it openly in public.

One thing I have always hated is seeing women dress "sexy" (also known as straight up slutty) to get a guy
to notice them. Seeing that I'm married, my husband has been able to explain to me the thoughts of a man.

You see some women truly don't understand that even if you are dressing to impress just ONE guy,
you are still going to draw that attention of every man that sees you in such an outfit. Just because 
a man is married, does not mean his eyes won't  go there. And if his eyes go there it doesn't make him
an unfaithful sleazy husband.  It astounds me how many women don't realize the damage they could be doing.

I have heard of so many men(even married men) speak of their addictions to porn and no wonder it is SO
hard from them to stay away from it! Just by wearing something promiscuous to impress your boyfriend
you could be causing another man to stumble back into an addiction and I know how far fetched
this sounds to some people but it is the TRUTH.

I'm sick of girls/women thinking if  they dress "hot" and sleep with a man that they will satisfy him
and eventually fall in love if they keep giving him what he wants. You know what is REALLY attractive
to men? A girl who can win them over without their looks or body being involved. I'm not saying you
won't get a response out of men by looking sexy but you won't be receiving what you're hoping for.

Men should not be able to figure out what you look like naked by flipping through your entire
facebook profile picture collection. I am furious about the sexual pull that is on this world
and that it sucks more and more people in everyday.

There are too many movies now days with people casually dating and sexing it up, too many
women getting knocked up before marriage, too many women like Kourtney Kardashian who
think there's nothing wrong with continuing to build a family with your boyfriend even though there's
no marriage in sight.

It breaks my heart to see so many people seeking after lust and sex especially when  it's not worth it
and you end up hurting. God definitely confirmed something this morning about my passion for
these next generations in the making. So if you are one of these women who dress inappropriate even
slightly...start taking it to heart and know that when someone asks you to cover certain areas up,
they are not secretly jealous of your body!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stay at home mom

So I decided to dedicate this post to being a stay at home mom. Many of you have asked me
if I'm going to go back to beauty school or if photography is going to be my career.
Well to answer previous and all future questions, being a stay at home mom is going to be
what I pour my heart into until decided otherwise.

Sometimes people give me crazy looks like "why would you waste yourself like that?!"
Then there's people who think stay at home moms are just taking the easy
way out and like to spend Hubby's money.
And lastly, there are the people who understand.

It wasn't like I grew up as a child wanting to become a Susie-homemaker

Actually I grew up VERY determined to be successful so that I could help whoever I married
provide a comfortable lifestyle. I never wanted to have to worry about bills
or how we were going to get by ...that was exactly it...I didn't want to JUST "get by"

It wasn't until well after I had Malachi that I started to assess the desires of my heart.
What I wanted was to be comfortable, to support the high fashioned style I was into,
to drive a nice car that people wouldn't judge me in but rather
applaud, every motive behind becoming successful in life revolved around materialism.

This is when Via our small group I started learning the desires of
God's heart for me as a wife and a mom were FAR more
rewarding than achieving the desires of my own would EVER be.
It says in scripture that we are not to conform to the ways of this world
AND not to store up treasures here on Earth.

So NO I'm not going back to school, I'm not trying to be the best photographer in Oregon,
my husband and I both drive older cars that weren't our first choice
(don't get me wrong I love my Volvo), we don't have a super fancy place to live,
and we can't afford to go on vacations every summer. Funny thing is.......

For us, God is more than enough and even in our dinky little apartment
we understand we are still wealthy. There are thousands of people dying of sickness and hunger
and do not have roof's over their heads or much clothing on their backs. The least
of my worries is what I'm going to do to look cool.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chicken Stirfry Recipe

So I know I said I was going to post a recipe yesterday but life got a little busy! Tonight I decided to attempt a chicken stirfry but considering I couldn't use Kikkoman's terriyaki sauce like I did in the past, I had to try and get  creative. When I cook meals I cook enough to last me the next few days so I'm not always cooking. Here is a picture of my finished product!


1 green bell pepper, 8-10 mini peppers (the yellow, orange, and red ones which is what I had so if you want
to just buy all 4 colors of bell peppers full sized it would be easier and you'd use all of them), sugar snap peas, 
3.5 boneless chicken breasts, a few handfuls of broccoli florets, smoked sea salt to taste, a dab of Braggs Liquid Aminos, chinese 5 spice to taste ( I probably added 2 tsp worth I don't really measure when I cook), water, and 1-2 tbsp of Walden Farms barbecue sauce (once again I don't measure and I use walden farms because it's calorie and sugar free!)

set stove burner to the notch slightly below "'medium high", place saucepan with desired amount of water in it on the burner and let heat, cut your chicken into cubes of desired size, add in WF BBQ sauce to pan along with chicken, then cut up all of your vegetables and throw them in and let simmer for a couple of minutes, stir everything together then add chinese 5 spice...Liquid Aminos... and salt, stir once more then cover and let simmer until done.

If you have something at home you want to add to the mix feel free! Obviously this stirfry isn't going to beat
the stuff that you're used to eating but it was definitely satisfying and a MUCHHHHH healthier option. Bon appetit!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Scales and Measuring tapes!

Unfortunately this is SO true! My mom had a magnet on the refrigerator that read this
and when I was little I thought it was hilarious because I took it so literal. Now that I'm
older and well beyond the max weight I ever thought I'd let myself get, I wish I would have
accepted such wise advice!

So here's where my story starts. Two years ago I had a little boy in which I gained 40ish
pounds with. I lost about 20 of those lbs just from giving birth and nursing.
Stephen was still in Iraq and I had this crazy idea that some where in the duration of his tour
I'd get my butt back into shape and then some. It wasn't that 7.5 months wasn't
long enough, it was that I had a cesarean with Malachi and a few of those months were needed
just to heal. So Malachi was about 3.5 months when I got a gym membership and
started eating ridiculously healthy. I did so well and got myself within 10-15 lbs of my pre-preggo
weight (which was 170 size 12 jeans) BUT out of no where one day I noticed my incision
had started throbbing. I decided to start taking it easier at the gym for a while and I did but pretty
sure I still further injured myself. I had torn muscles around my incision all over again
and if you've ever had a c-section you KNOW that excruciating pain that I'm referring to!
This was the end of my gym membership and beginning of my Medifast journey.

I decided to buy medifast and see if I could lose a ton of weight on it but fake food all day
minus the one real meal was NOT enough for me. I was still waking up in the middle
of the night to feed malachi and living on little energy as it was. Getting hardly any food wasn't helping.
So basically I gave up and just started eating whatever and however I wanted. This is the course
I stayed until last March I started doing P90X. I never measured myself so I'm not sure if I lost any inches
while doing this workout but I didn't lose any lbs. I stuck to this routine for a month
and gave up because I wasn't seeing results on the scale. ( I know I'm a quitter!)
So over the summer I started doing water aerobics at the aquatic center with my grandma. After about
a month I started running again using the C25k app on my phone.
I got up to running 4 miles straight thanks to that app!
I had gotten myself up to 209 lbs from eating whatever and not caring and lost 9 lbs
from water aerobics 3 days a week and running 3-4 days a week. The ONLY reason
I stopped doing water aerobics was because the pool smelled like halitosis breath and I had to take
3 showers once just so my skin wouldn't reek anymore!

I managed to somehow maintain my weight of 200.8 for the next few months until the end of October
when I started one of the HCG diets. From November 1st to now I've lost 13.8 lbs( could
have been quite a few more if I didn't cheat so much in the beginning and take
the whole week of thanksgiving off!) The diet basically consists of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit!
I don't get to eat any sugar or starches. I know some of you are thinking this is impossible and so many
levels of crazy but it's not bad once you've been doing it for a few weeks. I've been doing my
own thing lately ( eating some things off protocol such as Avocado, greens, raw almonds,
green peppers, and I had a glass of milk the other day.) You are not supposed to go
off protocol because  it COULD cause you to gain or stall but so far I'm still losing.
This diet isn't for everybody BUT I read a blog recently where another mom lost 50 lbs just from
ONLY eating the things your body was designed to eat and making literally all of her meals!
She didn't count her calories, gave herself unlimited fruits and veggies all day long( be careful
on fruit because sugar turns into carbs), only drank water and LOTS of it, and didn't eat
sugar and stayed away from unnecessary carbs. Your diet is 80% of your battle so if you can
manage to eat clean you will lose inches AND lbs (remember to weigh AND measure yourself.)

When you make this dramatic of a lifestyle change, it's going to be hard and it takes time for
the hunger pangs to go away. I'd rather be working out and and eating more
things that I want to lose the weight than doing this because it takes less mental strength in my opinion!
I'm here to help ANY of you that are interested in more specific details about what I'm doing .
When I was younger I told myself I'd never let myself go past a size 10! The smallest
I've been is a size 6 and my goal is a size 4. Don't let ANYONE tell you
that you won't ever be as small as you were before because that is the biggest lie out there.
I have seen far too many people prove this statement wrong so stay encouraged and
get healthy! Don't feel bad if this strict of an eating plan isn't for you because it's not for everyone.
It's definitely not the only way to lose weight so don't think it's your only hope. I can't wait to
have before and after pictures to show you guys and I will post recipes here and there for you
all to enjoy! So have a good day and if you're interested ask away!