Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So this last Saturday I was in Newberg visiting my Sis in law and niece Hayden. Malachi and Hayden are only 6 months apart and are both to the ages where they are so fun to watch play. Their play time usually consists of beating the other one up, laughing and sprawling toys everywhere, or being up to no good/partners in crime. And even though they manage to play together, you still notice so many differences between the two of them and not because of age but the gender. Sunday I was in the nursery (0-3 year olds) and couldn't help but enjoy the time I had with others' kids. After raising one of my own all week sometimes I don't feel like being around other kids but I realize I have a commitment to follow through with. The funny thing is that they always have a way of making my day a million times better mainly because the stuff they say/do is too funny to not laugh. Now back to this past Sunday...

Many people make little comments about how they don't want a boy because they're too crazy or the don't want a girl because they're so high maintenance and emotional. Sunday I felt like I had a front row seat to a show titled "why girls and boys are SO different." We had two girls in there, and four boys. Basically what the girls did the entire time was sit at the table and quietly play with their toys and just stare at the boys playing ever so wild. The first thing my son did when he stepped foot inside the nursery was grab some cars, line them up, and race them across the table until they fell on the floor crashing and burning. That pretty explains what the rest of the morning was like for the boys!

Jonathan, Henry, Andrew, and Malachi were the names of the boys joining us in class. Jonathan had asked me if we could get down the balls and play with them (a sack of balls that normally would be used in a ball pit.) At first I had to think but then I agreed as long as they picked up the rest of the toys, we could have a ball war! Oh man, if that wasn't music to every boys ears! So we had our ball war which led to a lot of crashing into each other and tackling. As hectic as it was, I was overjoyed at the smiles on all of their faces and the sound of laughter coming from their mouths. I must have gotten out a lot of energy because at the very end of class I managed to get them ALL to sit down and quietly color until parents came.

I managed to come away with something great this Sunday. I couldn't stop thinking about how there are other boys out there who want to be destructive and free spirited, not just my son! Malachi is just getting to the age where he is hyper and NEEDS something to do or he goes crazy and I've felt embarrassed about it at times because it can come off as me having the worst child in the world to some. He loves wrestling and tackling people...any kind of way he can show dominance and be playful. So to see this in other boys as well just got me thinking about a subject that's been on my mind lately. Men are destined to be something great, to be fearless and brave, to be protectors and providers, but most of all LEADERS. I couldn't stop thinking how in their sweet innocence this Sunday I saw every single trait in each of them. It starts at a very young age, just in different forms and more people need to realize that. Boys are a GREAT gift and not anything to be ashamed of NOR afraid of because of their nature. The task that God has placed in our hands as parents of boys is one of the greatest quests in life you will ever receive. And we as women (if you don't already) NEED to respect the role placed on a man's life. Nothing makes me more furious than when I hear girls/women talking about how men are pigs, they hate men, or they suck because they don't understand them. So listen closely, you may be searching after the wrong type of man and that's why you always find yourself in the same situation, but don't disrespect the good men out there such as my husband because of it!

So all in all this post is me learning how to count my blessings and SEE them as blessings! I hope that everyone can take some perspective away from this and has a great week/ Thanksgiving! Be thankful!

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