Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So this last Saturday I was in Newberg visiting my Sis in law and niece Hayden. Malachi and Hayden are only 6 months apart and are both to the ages where they are so fun to watch play. Their play time usually consists of beating the other one up, laughing and sprawling toys everywhere, or being up to no good/partners in crime. And even though they manage to play together, you still notice so many differences between the two of them and not because of age but the gender. Sunday I was in the nursery (0-3 year olds) and couldn't help but enjoy the time I had with others' kids. After raising one of my own all week sometimes I don't feel like being around other kids but I realize I have a commitment to follow through with. The funny thing is that they always have a way of making my day a million times better mainly because the stuff they say/do is too funny to not laugh. Now back to this past Sunday...

Many people make little comments about how they don't want a boy because they're too crazy or the don't want a girl because they're so high maintenance and emotional. Sunday I felt like I had a front row seat to a show titled "why girls and boys are SO different." We had two girls in there, and four boys. Basically what the girls did the entire time was sit at the table and quietly play with their toys and just stare at the boys playing ever so wild. The first thing my son did when he stepped foot inside the nursery was grab some cars, line them up, and race them across the table until they fell on the floor crashing and burning. That pretty explains what the rest of the morning was like for the boys!

Jonathan, Henry, Andrew, and Malachi were the names of the boys joining us in class. Jonathan had asked me if we could get down the balls and play with them (a sack of balls that normally would be used in a ball pit.) At first I had to think but then I agreed as long as they picked up the rest of the toys, we could have a ball war! Oh man, if that wasn't music to every boys ears! So we had our ball war which led to a lot of crashing into each other and tackling. As hectic as it was, I was overjoyed at the smiles on all of their faces and the sound of laughter coming from their mouths. I must have gotten out a lot of energy because at the very end of class I managed to get them ALL to sit down and quietly color until parents came.

I managed to come away with something great this Sunday. I couldn't stop thinking about how there are other boys out there who want to be destructive and free spirited, not just my son! Malachi is just getting to the age where he is hyper and NEEDS something to do or he goes crazy and I've felt embarrassed about it at times because it can come off as me having the worst child in the world to some. He loves wrestling and tackling people...any kind of way he can show dominance and be playful. So to see this in other boys as well just got me thinking about a subject that's been on my mind lately. Men are destined to be something great, to be fearless and brave, to be protectors and providers, but most of all LEADERS. I couldn't stop thinking how in their sweet innocence this Sunday I saw every single trait in each of them. It starts at a very young age, just in different forms and more people need to realize that. Boys are a GREAT gift and not anything to be ashamed of NOR afraid of because of their nature. The task that God has placed in our hands as parents of boys is one of the greatest quests in life you will ever receive. And we as women (if you don't already) NEED to respect the role placed on a man's life. Nothing makes me more furious than when I hear girls/women talking about how men are pigs, they hate men, or they suck because they don't understand them. So listen closely, you may be searching after the wrong type of man and that's why you always find yourself in the same situation, but don't disrespect the good men out there such as my husband because of it!

So all in all this post is me learning how to count my blessings and SEE them as blessings! I hope that everyone can take some perspective away from this and has a great week/ Thanksgiving! Be thankful!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A day in the life of us

I've decided to start blogging about our life to start making things a little more interesting. We have a lot of family who have not yet met our son or even Stephen for that matter so I figured it'd be fun to post updates since everyone else is doing it! 

There is nothing greater than being a stay at home mom. Malachi and I get lonely when Stephen isn't around but we are thankful that he has a job to go to. Our daily schedule usually consists of waking up around 9:30  and eating breakfast between then and 10:00.
Malachi gets to watch Caillou or one of his favorite movies when he wakes up. Lunch is usually right before nap time aka his crankiest time of day. He really isn't a hard kid to watch all day everyday but he has been getting pretty clingy with me lately which isn't helping my patience level! Our favorite time of day is when daddy calls to say he's coming home. Malachi always wants me if he's tired but other wise he LOVES his daddy and their play/wrestling time. I've never been able to get this kid to laugh the way Stephen does!

Here's a list of Malachi's favorite Movies:  Cars, The incredibles, Lion King,  Kung Fu Panda, and Toy Story.( we saw toy story on ice last month and I bought Malachi a decent sized "woody" doll he has not put him down since. It's like he knows Woody was Andy's best friend.)

He's always been really into his cars, trains, and tractors, but lately he's added his army men to the mix.

This is a picture of him reading. He is obsessed with getting into his book cabinet and looking at all the pictures.

Our downstairs neighbors probably hate having a two year old living above them. He is always jumping, running, and playing wwe smack down with his toys.

Life is still good even though we don't see Stephen anywhere near as much as we used to. Nothing is really new on his end. Me on the other hand...I've finally put my foot down and decided to start eating healthier and get my butt in shape. It's crazy how much happens when you put all of the fat processed foods down! I'll be posting progress as soon as it's obvious in hopes to encourage others who are thinking of taking this step. People keep asking us when the next baby will make it's appearance in my womb. Honestly I want a little girl so bad, but I'm choosing to get healthy first. Doesn't make a lot of sense to some people but it doesn't have to. God is in control of my womb, not us. If I get pregnant before I'm done with my weightloss journey we will still be happy, if we don't, we will continue to enjoy our time as a family and getting to know Malachi on a personal level I'm not sure we would if there were two kids in the mix. I'm glad/proud he's had our undivided attention for the past 2 years. So this is our life right now, busy, humble, and quaint. We couldn't be happier.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Perspective & Transformation

I guess I will just start off by exhaling and saying WOW. Today was a rough Sunday for me. It all started with me waking up with a cranky attitude and not wanting to go to church because of it. Not having my husband around to help share the load of getting myself ready, breakfast ready, and our 2 year old son dressed really takes it's toll sometimes. I had promised a friend that I'd return a couple of borrowed items back to her at church today so I knew I had to keep my word and go whether I felt like it or not. So I sucked it up and got Malachi and myself in the car by 10:07 and off we went.

I walked in just in time to find a seat and set my things down as worship started up. The worship team began to lead us into the song "Happy Day"......let's just pause right there for a moment. I still felt like I was having the worst morning at this point and did not want to start off by singing "oh happy day, happy day, you've washed my sin away, and oh happy day, happy day, I'll never be the same" yet I sang it anyway thinking if I said it enough I'd get out of my funk that I seemed to be in. Just after that, Laura spoke straight to my heart when she had us sit down and listen. She said "I just want to take the time right now to enter into worship the right way, not because we have to but because we want to. So when you're ready to join, join." I have no doubt that little thoughts that enter my mind such as "maybe I just wont go to church today or it doesn't matter" are thoughts from the enemy. The enemy didn't want me to go be a part of the kingdom of God this morning which was very clear as always and I almost gave into it. The times you really want to stay home the most, are the times God really makes you glad you to showed up.

After Laura spoke that over us, she proceeded with the song "Refiners fire" which is the song that James Berteig sang and spoke over me back in 2007 on our Philippines Mission trip during chapel when I was really struggling with some decisions. Every time I hear this song my eyes well up with tears from thinking about that calling that God has on my life. I tried choking back the tears as I continued to quietly sing along until I lost it. I knew by now that God wanted to break down the hard wall I put up before even stepping foot in that building today. He had something big for me to embrace, it was no coincidence that those two songs were awaiting me this morning.

The message was great and gave me some clarity on some things I've been focusing on lately. My heart had been prepared to receive what I needed from the message.. and even better yet what was to come after the message. One of my long time friends who's known me through  all of the ups and downs in my life approached me and brought some things to light that needed to be. It was out of complete love and concern for me, not to prove that I was wrong and he/she was right. I was finally in a good mood and didn't know how to chew on it for the first few minutes of our conversation but I kept repeating in my head "I need to have a teachable heart" over and over just as Abe spoke a couple of weeks ago. I decided to truly take to heart what my friend had to say and not get offended because what was spoken, wasn't harmful in anyway. It was encouraging and uplifting and only voiced out of concern so that I wouldn't hurt or offend others. There was no reason I needed to be hard headed and not accept what was said. It was simply TRUTH.

So I got to thinking and realized that my whole life I haven't cared what other people think of me which has brought me success in some areas, but damage to others. I've always loved that I can voice my opinion and be myself without being self-conscious like most people. Little did I realize that as powerful as that can be, it can be just as harmful. All of a sudden it came to me while I was alone with my thoughts that "Me not caring what other people think, is me not caring about other people."

So needless to say, God knew what I needed in order for me to learn something from two amazingly insightful people in my life today. God met my needs in every way possible this morning and I am so glad I didn't stay home. To bring order to my life such as Pastor Jack spoke on, things need to be brought to the surface and dealt with. So thankful to have wonderful people in my life. And for the record, if you pray and ask God to give you a teachable heart, be ready to exercise it. Boy is it not fun!